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  • Plum
  • Ice Blue
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The fabric is rib-knit.Colors may vary owing to the lights used in the shoots. It does not hug your body exactly in the same size edge to edge but will be according to the size chart made. There may or...
from Rs.6,950
  • Heather Grey
  • Black
  • Plum
  • Ice Blue
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Elevate your style with our Mirage matching set, featuring a striking fusion of fuschia pink and black. This 2-piece ensemble boasts an unconventional, hand-embellished collar design adorned with intricate black mini chains, adding a touch of edge to timeless elegance....
from Rs.13,500
Experience the regal allure of Swarovski with our purple two-piece raw silk set. The collar and pocket are adorned with faux Swarovski beads, exuding opulence and charm. Intricate hand-cut scallops embellish the sleeves, adding a touch of exquisite detailing. Elevate...
from Rs.16,500
Embrace the allure of Celestial with our Swarovski Collar Silk Set in elegant black. This 2-piece ensemble boasts a symmetrical, hand-embellished curved collar adorned with faux Swarovski diamond trim, radiating sophistication and glamour. The halter sleeves add a touch of...
from Rs.15,500
Elegance meets edge in our Glamour Off-Shoulder Top. Hand-braided silver embellishments on the shoulders add a touch of sophistication, while full fitted black sleeves provide a chic contrast. Paired with pristine white pants, this ensemble is a timeless statement of...
from Rs.9,500
Step into the world of Tango, where bold meets elegance in this rust tangerine matching set. The culottes feature unique hooped buttons, adding a touch of flair to your look. The neckline is adorned with blingy champagne twisted embellishment, creating...
from Rs.12,450
Discover Platinum, a luxurious two-piece raw silk set in rich chocolate brown. Adorned with intricate skin stitch thread throughout the collar and flared pants, this ensemble blends classic elegance with modern detailing. Elevate your style with this meticulously crafted outfit...
from Rs.13,500
Elevate your style with Flare, a captivating two-piece raw silk set. The shirt features eye-catching tieable knots running throughout the front, adding a touch of allure. Paired with solid maroon bell bottoms, it's a blend of sophistication and flair. The...
from Rs.13,500
Experience the Stardust with our stunning 2-piece set in contrasting hot blue and sky blue. The halter sleeves and tieable knots on the shirt's front lend a touch of chic allure, while the matching sky blue culotte pants complete the...
from Rs.13,500
Step into the world of Dazzle with our captivating silk set in a rosy lilac shade. This ensemble features a seductive, tieable silver neckline adorned with meticulously handcrafted diamante bows on the front of the shirt, creating a mesmerizing focal...
from Rs.14,500
Step into the world of Dazzle with our captivating silk set in a rosy lilac shade. This ensemble features a seductive, tieable silver neckline adorned with meticulously handcrafted diamante bows on the front of the shirt, creating a mesmerizing focal...
from Rs.15,000
Explore the allure of Jade with our matching set in a mesmerizing teal hue. The curved scalloped neckline, delicately outlined in dark copper, infuses elegance and charm into your look. Baggy cut sleeves offer a trendy and comfortable silhouette, while...
from Rs.13,000
Dive into the world of Moonbeam with our mint green two-piece raw silk set. The buttoned collar and neckline exude sophistication, while the blingy Swarovski embellished criss-cross on the sleeves adds a touch of sparkle and elegance. Elevate your style...
from Rs.13,000
Embrace the essence of Glitz with our light peach two-piece raw silk set. The halter sleeves and neckline feature a graceful draped fabric knot, creating a uniquely fashionable look. The asymmetrical hem adds an artistic touch to this ensemble. Elevate...
from Rs.12,500
Rose Noir
Elevate your style with our exquisite "Rose Noir Elegance" matching set. Crafted from a delicate shade of pink, this ensemble features intricate black curvy embroidery adorning the collar, sleeves, and pockets. The colors and the meticulous detailing lend an air...
from Rs.12,500
Tangerine Contrast
Tangerine Contrast. Embrace modern flair with our "Tangerine Contrast" matching set. Radiating a vibrant orange hue, this ensemble is tastefully adorned with sleek black buttons, creating a striking contrast that captures attention. The contemporary side hem design features a unique...
from Rs.10,450
Cobalt Chic
Elevate your wardrobe with the "Cobalt Chic" matching set. A stunning cobalt blue long dress shirt takes center stage, featuring a uniquely stylish collar flap on the side and rolled three-quarter sleeves for a touch of flair. Paired seamlessly with...
from Rs.10,000
Misty Blue Fusion
Discover the allure of our "Misty Blue Fusion" matching set, designed to captivate with its contemporary charm. The dusty grey-blue ensemble features a modern twist, combining a sleek long dress shirt with innovative details. The collar flap on the side...
from Rs.10,450
Aqua Gilded Luxe
Unveil the allure of the "Aqua Gilded Luxe" matching set, a mesmerizing sea green ensemble that seamlessly marries elegance and extravagance. The long blazer dress takes center stage, adorned with exquisite double-layered gold buttons that evoke an air of opulence....
from Rs.11,500
Elevate your style with our "Verde Veve" green dress. This stunning piece features a beautifully pinned ruffle that cascades down the side, adding a touch of modern flair to the classic silhouette. The contemporary neckline adds a chic and sophisticated...
from Rs.9,500
Maroon Bloom
Discover the ethereal beauty of our "Peachy Harmony Set," a captivating duo in a delicate light nude peach hue. Whether you're attending a refined garden party or a sophisticated brunch, the "Peachy Harmony Set" embodies graceful femininity and understated luxury,...
from Rs.9,300
Nocturnal Blue
Introducing our exquisite "Nocturnal Blue" in sleek black with captivating cobalt blue hoops adorning the neckline. The set features a stylish shirt crafted with delicate shuttle lace, adding an intricate texture that catches the eye. The contrast between the deep...
from Rs.10,300
Vibrant Rhapsody
Introducing "Vibrant Rhapsody": a striking raw silk outfit in a mesmerizing shade of shocking pink that radiates energy and confidence. The standout feature of this ensemble is the organza bow gracefully adorning the shoulder, adding a touch of whimsical charm...
from Rs.12,995
Desert Sunset
Crafted from pure poat silk, this kaftan features a flowing flared silhouette that exudes elegance and grace. The cold shoulder sleeve design adds a modern and alluring touch, perfectly complementing the bohemian-inspired fringes adorning the sleeves and hem. The kaftan...
from Rs.14,000